Friday, May 7, 2010

Brent Javier

name: Ronald Brent Javier
height: 5'11"
body stats: 39-29-36
shoe size: 11
sign: Pisces
bday: February 20
religion: Catholic
hometown: Mississauga, Canada/ Makati, Philippines
schools: St. Michael's College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada / College of St. Benilde, Manila
interests: Girls, gadgets, palm pilot, lap top, cells,ipods, all the portable cool stuff, going to the gym, playing war games,hanging out, watching tv, movies, clubbing and eating. Surfing and bungee jumping. Collects vintage shoes and old school stuffs.
sports: Basketball
music: Hip Hop, reggae, r&b, alternative, rock
television: Etc
books: Angels and Demons
boxers or briefs: Boxers
romantic move: He gives a girl a coupon that says, "I'm your personal slave for the day.
hates it when girls: are overly aggressive or overly confident
swoon over girls who: are sweet, sexy and have good manners
certified eye candy factor: This mysterious looker may be quiet and shy in real life, but he reveals that if he likes a girl, he'd do all the small things that really matter to make her feel special."I'd do anything and everthing to snag the girl I like. Trust me."
wanna snag him?: Wipe that make-up off, 'cause Brent prefers girls who don't wear any. "Those who can pull off that look are confident enough."
dislikes: Fakers!
describes himself as: a man of few words but a good listener, honest, and patient
hobbies: Air soft, war games, movies, internet, collecting gadgets (so far he has a Power bookm a palm and an iPod)

Finalist in the MTV Fashionista's Best Model of the World in 2003. He did not bag the award but it opened his door to showbiz. He was the only one from 20 finalists who got a break in the industry.

Brent was born and raised in Canada but digs the Philippine culture and language. He was discovered while walking in the mall. Brent is very shy unless tipsy and he believes models should be on time and not miss out on appointments. Brent doesn't party the night before a big show to avoid having eye bags. He uses Nuetrogena and he keeps his nails clean by trimming them regularly.



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